Twenty Twenty Fashion

If you’ve looked at your closet and felt like you are ready for a shopping spree, it’s time to get inspired by the best street style from the fashion capitals. From classic pieces with an updated twist to fresh tailoring, there’s a myriad of looks for everyone’s personal style. Get ready to update your wardrobe with these coolest fashion trends spotted at Spring/Summer 2020 fashion weeks.

1. Puffy Sleeves

Oversized Puff Sleeves Pop Up Since 2018 And Seemed Like Just Newest Must-Have And Then It Has Been Re-imagined In So Many Iterations and has continually returned season after season, becoming more than just a fleeting season. These sleeves have been seen in many dresses and blouses. It Was also called balloon Sleeves With gathered piece Of Cloth Although it gives Elegant look & Also Can Be Styled In Different Ways.

Popular fabrics include fast-fashion retailers Zara, River Island, and Forever 21, which have included the trend into their collections. And as for color, black is the most common colorway paired with this trend, making up half of the products.

2. Blazer Suits

Blazer Is Most Trending Nowadays As We All Know The 70s And 90s Fashion Is back In Trend And Blazer Is One Of Them Familiar and often repeated And Also it will Never go out Of style But suiting In 2020 has Changed The Role Of Fashion In Different Styles By coming Up In Three Different Types i.e. 1. Long And lean 2. Flare Up 3. Musketeer And can Be Styled In Different Ways These Can Be Style In Casual Or Professional. Mention Below Are Some Style To Wear Suites As Per The Trend In 2020

  • Blazer Short Suits
  • Blazer Leather Suit
  • Blazer Suit With Bra Top
  • Blazer Suit With waistcoats
  • Suit With Pop Up Colours

3.Turtle Neck Trend

Turtlenecks were first spotted in fashion history back in the 1860s. English polo players pioneered this style of sweater which was known back then as the ‘polo neck.’ But Now This Trend Is back In 2020 This Kinda Top Can Be Were On Work days, Formal Events Or Causal Days Also These Tops Can Be Styled And Accessorized in Many Different ways As Mentioned Below

  • Style Under Slip Dress
  • Under Fur Coats Or Long Coats
  • Overalls/Pinafore Dress
  • Style With Pants

4. Animal Print

Animal print has always garnered attention and has been in fashion for a long time. It displays sophistication, style and versatility. Noticeably, this trend does not seem to fade and is still ruling the fashion world and other sectors. Animal prints are the rage of this season and finds its way in party wears, coats, skirts, handbags, lingerie, watches, accessories and even in home furnishing textiles.

Animal print clothing are garments which have patterns of the skin or fur of animals like leopard, cheetah, zebra, tiger, Giraffe, Striped Hyena, African wild dog or monkey. Animal prints have remained popular since ancient times and there are many reasons for it.

5. Culottes Pants

Culottes Pants In 2020 Gives fabulously chic Look. Give your jeans a day off by styling your favorite graphic T-shirt with colorful culottes instead. It Feels Loose Palazzo Pants Styling It Is Little-bit Tricky but Can Go With Any Simple T-shirt Or Top Add A simple pointed-toe high heel Or Sneakers highlights the shape and structure of wide-leg trousers.